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There were hundreds of cool videos in February, but you’ll see only the best ones in today’s selection.

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Hello: everyone, our selection for today, has only the best videos you might have missed this month or perhaps you'd like to see them again.

Let's get it on uh.

Excuse me, sir.

This guy must be at least employee of the month, if not the employee of the year so, though, seems like he has some composition.

So me, so don't tell me, you didn't dance together with him.

The last time that you saw this video or with this guy, do when you dug enough money for a supercar but have nothing left to buy gas.

The mr calm award of the month goes to this poor guy.

Okay, the most captivating scene of february is watching the gateways at the three gorges dam, where ships overcome a height difference of 370 feet.

Well, okay, for those who missed it, it's not a scene cut from the terminator or the mist by stephen king.

It's just dry ice on the road.

Looking very dramatic, oh, my goodness, just take another look at the face of a person with unshakeable confidence.

After all this time, the teamwork could have gotten much better.

In case you forgot about our advice not to pull the hangnails, hard hello.

We watch this video for the second time and the girl makes the same mistake again.

Do you think we look handsome in our dreams.

Every farmer watching this is gonna.

Have a heart attack now know, oh my god, no laughs! You can watch this endlessly.

We wish you to have this level of dexterity and grace in the following month.

You got kidding me what happened what'd you do you stuck? Oh god, you're here bro in winter, you can see something unexpected instead of snow drifts on the roads of india.

We still feel sorry for this guy.

Just so you know his protest against the banking system is going strong, as well as the landing of chicken special forces.

They say: white walkers decided to abandon horses for more powerful vehicles, foreign.

If dogs can't eat chocolate, why would they go to such lengths to get it taking a sharp turn towards new cool videos in march? Remember how that buddy made us nervous? What super villains do you? Think? Could be driving this excavator? We've seen quite a few videos? So far so time to chill for a bit, have you not figured out the assembly instructions for this ikea dog? Well in iceland, it's actually considered a good day for a walk seems like these guys haven't been convinced by our covert pickup advertising.

Neither has this genius.

It is unlikely that you could forget this legendary scene from sherlock.

Well, there is the do not drop weights on the floor rule for a reason.

Remember this lake in china, even a month of intense salt production later there's still plenty of salt here.

By the way, does anyone know how much this kia costs um hahaha a little check before we fly further, maybe parking the car like that? Wasn't such a bad idea.

Not only will it be perfectly preserved, but also look younger, a brief story of a cow that decided to fight against the system.

This is a classic.

Oh thanks to this dance, this body earns the right to stay in our top cutest videos forever.

I just make sure that's good foreign.


Maybe car manufacturers should paint the handbrake in some bright colours seriously this month.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the handbrake even exists.

Hmm dogs not only cross the roads on the green, but also teach their kin not to break the rules.

Well, by the way, this guy still didn't get a single fine for violating the traffic rules, though he could follow the example of these animals and calmly ride as a passenger.

Yes, once again enjoy the invention, which has surpassed even the london double deckers, it was even cooler than the olympic games wow.

This is what happened the moment from your childhood when dad came into your room, saying that you needed to have a serious conversation.

This noodle is so raw that we still don't believe that this is not an episode from a cartoon is okay, loose official proof that touchless combat doesn't work in reality.

Telekinesis seems to be quite real.

Do has anyone ever wanted to pay for you that much? Oh, my god, remember the guys.

We named the luckiest people of the month.

We have new, unexpected nominees here.

Hope you aren't having a snack now.

Have we already mentioned the harsh conditions of the north regions, the apartment, but the delivery guy accepted this challenge.

The fact that a person has become an adult doesn't mean that they can't do silly things.

We announce the second break.

Last month we learned a life hack how to save money on the delivery of our purchases.

Maybe it says shake on the boxes that story from india that ended well, a leopard attacked a herd of cows and was about to eat a calf but underestimated the courage of these animals.

So so huh in case you forgot, the tablecloth pull trick.

Didn't work, admit it that was elegant.

The luckiest guys of the last month are all the people in this video, including the driver of the car.

Oh, do you still dream of having a corgi? Well, nothing changed for these guys.

The dude behind the wheel still pays the neighbor his debt.

Last time we didn't check how long it took him to go, get the bumper back so start the timer.

Now, oh so so speaking of purchases, let's not forget about the genius of shopping and they don't even that's even scarier than hyper-realistic dolls and robots.

It's been a month and dinner is still not ready.

You know the future is here when even the delivery service uses autonomous vehicles so poor.

How could we not add a guy who can walk on water to this selection? This? What to do with this happens? This is not how I want to go out grissom merciless morning, chinese gymnastics uh, you and I have already spoiled the ending, but let's show the dude some support this time.

He also seems to be hoping for success for those who missed this video.

The last time are in for a surprise.

We might think that that's funny, but for the girls, getting rid of this makeup is hardly a nice experience.

Um, okay, my god admit it.

All of your cooking skills come from the tutorials by this chef.

Do you hope to be at least half as cool as the elephant raja from sri lanka, who's guarded by the military? During his walk? Can you watch the fun adventures of bread on the way to someone's kitchen without wincing, so everyone is talking about dc's iconic premiere.

Meanwhile, superheroes exist in real life.

They may not have a batmobile, but they have a heart.

The size of gotham good day foreign you'll, see in a couple of years, she'll grow up and buy knee pads elbow pads and a leather jacket uh.

Oh, oh, there was also another epic fight in the backyard clickbank.

So so, and look who's here make sure to leave a like if you made it to the end of the video and see you soon.


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