Best Wake Surf Board 2023 - Top 7 Wake Surf Board That Will Take Your Riding to the Next Level (2023)


Are you looking for the best wake surf boards in 2023? If you don't have time for the details, here are the top 7 wake surf boards in this video.

01. O'Brien Pike Softtop Wakesurf Board, 58"

02. O'Brien Space Dust Wakesurf Board, 52" Green

03. Hyperlite Buzz Wakesurfer

04. Driftsun Gromp Wakesurf Board

05. Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurfer

06. South Bay Board Co. - Pro Skimboard

07. Rock It 4'10" CHUB Surfboard

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Finding the best wake surf board can take a lot of time. So, in this video, we will narrow down the top 7 wake surf boards on the market this year based on price, quality, performance and durability.

Here you can find the best wake surf board and we’ve checked their extra features. All you expect to do is watch the video and see which is the best wake surf board that will take your riding to the next level.



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What's up for 2019.

We wanted a soft top board that would entertain everyone on the boat, and we knocked it out of the park with the pipe.

This is not a sensor or evader.

If you're looking for the ultimate performance look somewhere else.

This is a board built entirely for Farm.

Yet it still performs really well we're too young.

To talk about forever talk about the weather to know any better I just want to laugh until I can't breathe midnight, Moonlight dancing.

All of our athletes were taken by surprise of the Pike and were grinning from ear to ear when testing it out.

This board minimizes any issue of catching the wave, and it's super easy to relax.

And cruise on making it the perfect board for introducing new people into Lake.

Surface darling.

Can, you feel it it's soft.

Top construction.

Eliminates any concern the rider! May have of falling on the board or accidentally sending it into the back of the boat.

Making it easier for the rider to focus on what's really important.

Learning to serve while the pike may be the perfect board for new Surfers.

It is definitely a board that can be enjoyed by all with the goal of bringing as many people as possible into the skin side of wake surfing.

We've worked hard, developing the perfect entry-level value price board.

So here it is the 2019 space dust foreign.

At the same time, it uses a traditional skin profile with a tapered nose and rounded pin tail for some extra bite and control on the wave, making it an easier board to carve and delivering a more forgiving ride to those new to wakes repair, foreign wins with this board and when testing new products.

Several of our athletes confidently proclaim the space dust as one of the best Boards out there for a fun time on the water, give it a try and we're sure you'll feel the same foreign Customs.

The buzz was one of our first durashell shapes we introduced and one of our first true surf inspired shapes within the hyper light line.

So, if you're a rider looking for that real floaty, fluid style of feel behind the boat, the buzz is a great option for you, you'll notice.

The top of the board features a fully machined Eva pad, so you get maximum grip and comfort underfoot a nice kicktail at the rear.

Just so you can spot that back foot.

It does have a more of a pintail design, so it will ride a nice switch, but really that's geared for that more surfy style of ride.

You combine that with a nice soft rail that runs the perimeter of the board and it'll sit a little bit deeper in the water it'll feel a little bit more fluid much more like an ocean style of surfboard.

We move to the bottom you'll notice.

It does have some pretty aggressive dual channels out the back past the fins just to make sure that water flows past these rear fins has two surf style fin boxes.

So you can remove these fins change it out, upgrade the fin, depending on the style of ride.

You like we do feature a smaller profile, fish fin for a little added bite in the trailer again, depending on what you're.

Looking for.

If you want a real locked and surf feel you can run the larger surf fins.

If you want a little looser feel you can actually remove these fins all together and ride it more of a skin style of board, with that smaller fish at the trailer.

So if you are a rider looking for nice, fluid turns good speed and a little bit more of that traditional surf style of feel.

The buzz is the perfect choice for you.

Your Ford comes with a four fin set.

The larger fins are the front fins and your smaller fins are the rear fins.

Take the fin and seat it into the back of the fin box.

Sliding it forward until it sits flush with the board.

Repeat this for all four fins.

Take the supplied fin key place it into the screw and tighten until you feel it contact the fin.

Once you feel your fin key touch, the fendering installation just go about a quarter turn past.

That's all that's needed to properly secure it in the Box, go ahead and tug up on the fin to make sure it's in the board correctly now you're ready to go surfing.

The Hi-Fi is no fuegel's original skim offering within the hyper lightweight surf lineup.

It is an awesome.

Skim style shape, carries a lot of great speed.

The first thing, you'll notice, is a nice Flat Tail rocker line with a slightly Turned Up Nose transitioning into the rail of the board.

You'll notice that sharper wakeboard style of rail profile.

The great part about that is just like with most skimboards.

It allows the board to sit very high in the water, makes it very loose underfoot for surface tricks.

We then move to the base of the board you'll notice that the Hi-Fi features no base Contours.

It is a totally flat bottom, which allows it to be very, very loose underfoot.

We have a three fin configuration here.

The great part about the three fin option is it does provide a little bit more grip.

If you need it, if you want a looser feel, you can remove the two outside fins and just run the rear, trailer fin for kind of the Loose as possible surface option available on the top of the board you'll notice, a full machined Eva traction pad, providing the best possible grip.

You can get underfoot.

The Hi-Fi does have a very subtle Arch bar that runs through the center line of the board, so you can always spot where your feet are as far as heel and toe on the board.

We do also offer a small kicktail, so you can kind of spot where you are on the tail of the board.

The Hi-Fi is built with durashell construction like we talked about with some of the other Surfers in the line.

Durashell provides a nice strong outside shell, with all the high-end EPs and fiberglass core options inside the board.

Very very lightweight, retains and releases a lot of energy perfect for Riders.

Looking for that, quick transitional feel that a skimboard should provide there.

You have it the high five I know if legal, his original skim shape a board that has tons of competitive features at a great price point.


How do I know what size wakesurf board to get? ›

Wakesurf Board Size Chart
  1. 100 - 170 lbs. 4' - 4'8" 4' - 4'4" 3' 9" - 4' 8"
  2. 150 - 200 lbs. 4'8" - 5' 4'4" - 4'10" 4' 8" - 5' 3"
  3. 190 - 250+ lbs. 5'+ 4'10"+ 5'+ Shop Wakesurf Boards.

How do I choose a wake surf? ›

Here are some tips to help you choose between sizes. Larger wakesurfers have more surface area and float which makes them more suitable for heavier riders. A smaller boat will throw a smaller wake so choose a larger board. Larger wakesurfers are slower through the water, and therefore easier to learn.

What is the best speed for a wakesurf board? ›

Speeds between 10 and 11mph are generally best for a typical wake surfer. Some riders with extra buoyant boards, however, may prefer faster speeds above 12mph. On the other hand, for some boat setups, trading in speed for push and staying at around 8.2mph can result in a tall wave that's really fun to surf.

What board does Austin Keen use? ›

The Liquid Force Austin Keen Skim Wakesurf board's no nonsense skim shape is designed to give riders tons of speed, pop, and board control behind the boat to get extra tricky and stomp tricks you once only dreamed of doing.

What size and shape surfboard should I get? ›

Wider surfboards are more stable, while narrower boards can carry speeds better and easier to turn. 20 to 22-inch-wide surfboards are ideal for beginners because they offer better stability. Experienced surfers opt to go for 17 to 19-inch-wide surfboards, which give them better control in large wave conditions.

What surfboard shape should I get? ›

For beginner surfers though it's best to start out on a 3 fin, mini mal – usually around 7 foot, or 8 foot if you're on the taller or heavier side. From that basis you can decide where you want to go – long boarding for higher wave counts and style, or performance shortboards for bigger waves and tighter turns.

What is the best water depth for wakesurfing? ›

It's best to wakesurf in at least 12 feet of water. More is better. When you have less water underneath you, the boat will not generate a fully formed wave. If you have shallow spots in your waterway, you'll notice the wave dropping out and losing size and push so it's best to stay in deep water at all times.

How do I speed up my wakesurf? ›

How to Control Your Speed Wakesurfing & Stay in the Wave. Changing the way you weight your feet helps you to control your speed while wakesurfing. In essence, your front foot becomes your gas pedal. To speed up, pressure your front foot, and to slow down, shift more weight to your back foot.

How much weight do you need to wakesurf? ›

If the wake feels long and like your having to fight to keep up with the boat, add more lean or weight to the back of the boat to give the wake more push. The bigger your boat is, the more aftermarket ballast you will need. On most 20-22ft V-Drive wakeboard boats, adding 1500 - 2500 is ideal.

What height surfboard do I get? ›

When it comes to surfboard size, just remember this: longer, wider, and thicker is better. When it comes to length, keep the board at least 1 foot taller than you. The thickness of a board has a direct effect on its buoyancy or ability to float.

Where do you measure a surfboard for size? ›

Length of a surfboard

Length of the board is measured from the tip of the nose to the tail of the board.

What is a 50 50 rail surfboard? ›

Shaped just like their namesake, 50/50 rails are sometimes referred to as egg rails. The apex of most 50/50 rails is slightly below center. The surfboard's bottom is somewhat flat through the center twelve inches, and then it blends into the rail. This style rail is smooth riding and many claim it nose rides better.

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