David Icke 2021 - "Something IMPORTANT Is About To Happen" (2023)


David Icke 2021 - "Something IMPORTANT Is About To Happen"

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If you looked at the world and uh, you saw it only as solid and only as it appears to be, and then you look at the situation.

We're in you think we've got no bloody chance because you think well, it's going to take so long to change anything.

But it's not! The world is a manifestation of human perception.

It's it's.

A human perception made manifest it's all.

It is and when we change perception, the world changes.

For instance, if um human perception said not following the rules anymore, you've been lying to us for a year, and I'm not doing this, I'm not doing that and what people did it? It's unenforceable, because this cult only has the power we give it a few can't control the vast many unless the vast many give their power to the few it's impossible.

So that's where the answer lies and and to take our power back or stop giving it away.

We need to change our perception, otherwise, we'll just go on giving away like like we always have what happens.

Is people can look at the situation and it can be overwhelming to them because it seems so complex.

You know people think that understanding complexity is like genius well whatever that may be, but the real genius for me is seeing the simple and apparently complex, because complex is covering up the simple.

If you break it down and break it down and break it down, you go beyond the focus you go beyond all of it and all the levels will form and you're left with this state of consciousness.

That wants to control, wants to do all the things that's going on now and a state of consciousness doesn't wonder and that's what it breaks down to and um.

If people get attached to this well we're going to carry on as we are people break away from this.

To this, then we're going to bring it down.

There is a certain information field which they want to retain and uh it's an information field that basically processes information in a particular way.

It has no empathy, it has no compassion- and this cult, if you like, doesn't want that information field diluted because you start interbreeding with people who are not of that information field.

What that information feels starts to get diluted and it starts to become open to other things.

It starts processing information in a different way and basically the cult starts to fall apart, because it's based on a network of psychopaths I've said many times.

The dynamic between the cult and humanity is in the kingdom of the blind.

The one-eyed man is king.

They have to keep humans blind so with their one eye, they're all seeing eyes they um they can control by benefit of having a level of knowledge that public doesn't have, but if um humanity as humanity wakes up to its true power and starts connecting into levels of awareness where the answers lie, where the insight lies, where knowledge lies, etc, then the dynamic will change the one-eyed.

Man is no match for the two-eyed third-eyed human and that's why they have to keep humanity asleep so that their one eye can prevail.

People don't censor to the scale that they do because they're secure people they do it because they're not secure they're, incredibly insecure, because they know that once enough of humanity, wake up it's over it's over for and they're terrified of that they're actually telling us that they don't have power.

Otherwise they won't worry about people like me, so that's a very, very important that people realize that they don't fall into this idea of oh they're, so powerful.

What chance we got well, there's much chance we want to take is the answer to that when people say you know that it's all about money, well only to a point it's about control, and so the idea is, if you create a society in which money dictates choice, then you control the choice of the people by controlling their access to money which, in in our society, overwhelmingly dictates choice.

And if you, if you look at what freedom is, freedom is the ability to make choices, and if you can suppress the number of choices that people could make, you are suppressing their freedom.

The basic structure, only your society, that they want, is very close to what um we would call marxism and that's what that's.

What um that the woke mentality is about it's about demanding marxism, but of course, marxism is for the people, it's not for the elite.

Why would the uh the financial elite want marxism, because marxism is just a method for controlling the masses? We've got to start redefining the nature of the eye, because, if you're self-identifying with the labels of a human life and you're, seeing yourself in those limited terms the three score years and ten, then this is going to get very, very challenging, say the least it's going to get very frightening.

But if you see yourself as a consciousness, having an experience, the labels are your experiences they're, not you in terms of the eternal eye that is consciousness and whatever happens in this.

In this reality we will continue journey of consciousness and and if you can see that this is just a brief experience, rather than all experience and all existence, it's brief experience and if you can come from that point of view, then you can look at it in a different way and it doesn't seem so overwhelming and when you open that that doesn't have fear, because that knows, for a start, what I've just said that we are eternal expressions of consciousness and therefore this is just a brief experience and once you let go of fear you let go also of considering consequences for doing what you know to be right, because if ever there was a time when we need to do what we know to be right, it's now, but if you consider consequences, then your your head.

Certainly your emotion will give you a long list of reasons not to do what you know to be right and so you'll you'll say well I'll, do something, but I'll do it next week or I'll.

Do it next month and I'll tell you what if it comes to this, then I'll do something and it comes to it and you're done, and we just go on down the road to greater and greater dystopia, but we're at a point now where we we just have to stand up and say no, not doing it, and to do that.

That has to be open, because, if that's not open, then you're going to be terrorized into interconformity.

This doesn't consider consequences because to consider consequences is to consider not doing what you know to be right, and this would never do that this.

Would this won't? So what do I need to do to to make a difference? Well, first of all bottom line: you must not concede to fascism only on behalf of whatever the consequences are, because once you appease it by just going along with it a bit, then you'll appease it a bit more because you can't please tyranny because it always wants more, no matter what you give it so you'll say: oh okay, I'll I'll just do this bit I'll just do this bit! Then it wants more.

It wants more eventually, it's got everything and that's.

What's where we're going we're going down a road if we go on in this way, where they're going to strip humanity of everything not just possessions, not just the ability to make choices, but but strip them of the most basic self-respect and self-respect is the key, because it's self-respect that's brought down every tyranny in history.

Oh you've got to do this.

You've got to do that.

You've got to do this and do it I'm not doing it.

I'm not doing that.

I'm not doing any of it.

I won't do any of it because I will not concede my self-respect to this tyranny.

I won't do it.

I'd rather leave I'd rather leave, but I'm not going to because there are other forces at work here, but I would rather do that than conceive myself respect, because once self-respect's gone, all that's left is is submission.

It's your self-respect that stops you submitting.

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