Outrageous Signs My Loved One Was Sending From Heaven (2023)


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Outrageous Signs My Loved One Was Sending From Heaven

Dr. Oz shares the unique stories sent in from viewers that describe shocking messages they claim to have received from departed family members. One woman opens up about the ongoing signs she receives from her son, who passed away three years ago.

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Although we are revealing the most outrageous things that will blow your mind and today's show comes from something you've been sharing with me since we first talked about it, I received an overwhelming outpouring of responses about rages signs that you say your loved ones are sending from the other side.

Now this woman says, for example, that her mom finds ways to send her unique science.

They got Queen of Hearts, it's been significant, meaning to her and take a look at this flower made out of shells.

The viewer says she thinks it's a sign from her son I just been blown away by the response and wait until you hear the stories we found and the lives that were changed.

Could you be next hi? My name is Kate Rabinowitz, my 14 year old daughter, Anna Linton, was killed six years ago.

A week ago, I thought that my GPS had failed me and I asked Anna.

If you are here, can you please send a sign that this is okay and I looked up above and there was Anna capital letters with an exclamation mark.

I am so grateful my heart burst and I.

Felt like she really is here.

My name is Linda Vinciguerra, my dear sister passed away and then the next morning, I come out of my house, and this big gigantic minot butterfly comes flying right at me.

This was going wrong for five days.

I thought my sister's burial, the butterfly just comes right at me and circles around me just right at my face, and then it disappeared, truly a sign from above hi.

My name is Francesca.

My son Matthew passed away three years ago.

He left our family, including a younger brother sister and a future stepdad way too soon, and although I was really excited about planning this big wedding and having all our friends around I couldn't help but feel lots of sadness and guilt, knowing that he wouldn't be a part of our special day and then I got this amazing sign and a beautiful wedding present from Matthew that left no doubt that he was still around and would be a part of our special day Francesco.

He just heard from this year.

She says: she's received many signs from her son Matthew.

So what kind of son was he? It was very energetic he was very outgoing.

He was the life of the party, he just loved everyone and everyone loved him.

So you lost him how long ago, three years ago, four years ago, which I can story for that.

Thank you.

I know it's painful to buy like the biologic orders right, mm-hmm, so you're driving along and you believe, you've seen a sign from your son.

One of several that have apparently occurred.

Yes, so the first sign was about five weeks out, so I usually use Waze.

We have a house out east and I, put ways on to head back home to into the city, and it was just taking me off the normal road.

It stopped in a dead-end, huh and and then it shut off and then, when it shut off, I didn't know what direction we were pointing in.

So I came out and I put the car navigating system on and then, when I looked up it was said: Matthews Lane.

It was kind of one of the first real signs that I knew that he was pretty much kind of you know.

Selling me no I am here because just before that, I got a he's aware of Star of David and he had a tattoo of the hamsa, and just before that, I saw somebody wearing that with a and I I just kept.

Seeing that all the time that you know so I've got a picture of the road sign, but I put it up everyone to see, and it says, there's Matthew saying again yeah, so that would sort of woke you up to the fact that he was sending you smaller signs like the yeah, tattoo imagery and others.

Yes, have they been getting louder and louder, able to notice them more yeah? Yes, so, for example, I know that you're happy in a relationship you're thinking about getting married yeah.

You know this was a few months ago and there's awkwardness about that right because you wanted him to be there yeah.

How did he communicate to you that it was okay, so um I? We took a trip to Miami and we got into our room about 6:45 a.m.

and so I looked at Charles and I said you know we have to go down and watch sunrise and he kind of was the first didn't really want to go, and then he said: okay, we'll go down, so we went down to the beach and it was pretty deserted and there was one gentleman kind of a little far-off just sitting there.

Some was kind of coming up, he walked over to us and he was wearing a baseball cap and it was the kind of first thing.

I noticed because I actually had the same hat the man was wearing, which has the flag on it.

A strange yeah and I wear it cuz my son loved the flag and I actually just wore it hiking the day before so then he asked if I wanted our photo taken with a son with a sunrise and I said sure.

So he took a photo.

He handed my phone back and he reaches into his pocket and he hands me a flower and he goes.

This is for you.

He looked straight at my eyes and he goes.

This is for you and I said.

Oh I said thank you and he goes my wife and I make these and they're perfect for wedding, bouquets and I said.

Thank you.

I, don't tell him we're married getting married and he looks at me.

He goes.

My name is Matthew.

Oh, my goodness, I don't tell him about my son, but I said: oh, that's, nice.

My name is Francesca.

This is Charles.

We come here often and he goes why come here.

You know every morning to what you know to watch the Sun Rise, because maybe I'll see you again and I said you know.

Maybe we will see each other again and, and that was pretty much it and then he looks at me and he says, do you know? Do you know what my name means and I was like I? Think I remember, but I wasn't sure so he's like my name means from God, so I said I think I.

Remember that and then that was kind of it and we walked away, and then my husband, my fiancee at the time, was really blown away because I was still kind of shocked and he kept saying.

Oh my god, that's a sign.

You have to put this flower into your wedding bouquet.

That was definitely Matthew, and this is it.

This is the actual for the actual flower.

So it's okay, you may ask purchases husband join us for a second Oh Charles.

You say you were skeptical about all this, like a lot of people are so what was going through your mind.

I was, as you say, I was skeptical at first I'm skeptical by nature, and we were literally the only two people on the beach.

Besides this man and when he approached you sort of I guess as a New Yorker, you can look at strangers a little bit with a little bit of caution, but this man just had this light glowing in these light blue eyes, and you could almost see through them.

It was just so clear and he was just so peaceful and when he handed the flower and said his name was Matthew and explained to us what it meant.

I was completely blown away just blown away, and it's not left me.

Are you rethinking your skeptical thoughts about signs which is I, think an appropriate one.

I'm I feel the same way, I'm, not sure about these signs, but I keep hearing these stories that there's just too much coincidence.

I am but as Francesca described, that was one incident.

There's been a bunch of others.

There was the Matthews Lane and several others and I it there.

These are just uncanny and absolutely hard to explain.

Yeah I, don't know how do you have his flower? This actually what's interesting about this story, because it kind of keeps going I had a reading with Lori Lynn Jackson, almost a year before August 21st, 2018 and she's, telling me that my son, she was like oh you're gonna, be she was like you're gonna, be somewhere in seven months, so you're gonna be away somewhere.

He's telling me she goes well.

This is what he's saying in seven months, he's sending you a gift for your wedding: I, don't know what it is or how you're gonna get it, but you're going to get it come on, and then she goes.

Let's see it's August August, September October.

She goes okay, end of March well, end of March was I, flew end of March - you know Miami, for it was April 5th.

It was pretty close.

Yeah well was seven months.

Let me ask medium laurel in jackson.

Come join us if you don't mind she's here in the audience, so we heard and it keeps getting better forgot just one actually.

Therefore, at this point four or five events, which just don't make sense, if they're arbitrary and I'm struggling as a physician to make sense of this as well I just you know this latest observation that you predicted she was gonna, get a wedding gift which I don't think that was it's not logically possible.

How do loved ones send signs so seemingly easily the people they care about from the other side? It's pretty magical, isn't it? You know it's it's it's wondrous how they can do it.

They can orchestrate all different things to happen.

What I love about this story, too, is that Matthew kept it a surprise.

He didn't tell us exactly what it was going to be, but he told you it was.

It was going to arrive to you I think they have a way of illustrating certain people to enter our paths, for example the Matthew that came up to on the beach that was absolutely Matthew on the other side, guiding that man into your path and inspiring him to give you that flower, which is really a gift from your son.

So what do you think Matthew wants Francesca to hear right now? Oh I think he wants you to know and I think you do already know this, that he is there with you.

Every second of the day he's here with us right now and you sharing the story of connection is inspiring others to see their own loved ones connecting in their own lives.

So it's really at this beautiful team of light use you and he, you know, share to help.

Others understand their own journeys, their own connections, that our loved ones are always with us and I.

Think it's pretty clear.

He was saying he was coming to the wedding yeah that he was going to be there for the happy moments too and that he wants you to live a vibrant, joyful life of love and connection, and he celebrates that with you, absolutely I, believe it.

Thank you very much.

Yes, I hope this is your pig.

It does coming up why my next guest stopped in her tracks when she saw this while she says this rock is a sign from her late.

Father stick around be sure to subscribe to my channel, so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new.


Outrageous Signs My Loved One Was Sending From Heaven? ›

Experiences of feeling or sensing the presence of a person who has died are quite common among those who are grieving. But it can be surprising to some people. Matthew Ratcliffe reports on research from the University of York.

Is it possible to feel the presence of a deceased loved one? ›

Experiences of feeling or sensing the presence of a person who has died are quite common among those who are grieving. But it can be surprising to some people. Matthew Ratcliffe reports on research from the University of York.

How do you know if a loved one is passing? ›

What are the signs that someone is dying?
  • feeling weak and tired.
  • sleeping more or being drowsy.
  • feeling hot or cold.
  • cold hands or feet.
  • eating and drinking less.
  • bladder or bowel problems.
  • breathlessness (dyspnoea)
  • pain.
Nov 24, 2022

What does it mean when you feel the presence of someone dead? ›

The term “bereavement hallucination” refers to a perceptual or perception-like experience of someone who has died, usually a partner, family member, or close friend. Such experiences are sometimes described in terms of specific sensory modalities: one might see, hear, or feel the touch of the deceased.

How do you connect with someone who has passed away? ›

Talk or write to them

People have continued to talk to the people they love after they've died for time immemorial. Great comfort can be found in talking to your loved one in the usual way… whether that's updating them on what's happening in the family, the wider world or the garden.

Do loved ones know when you visit their grave? ›

Spiritual teachers and biblical references suggest that our beloved departed ones may know when we visit their grave, and people may feel a sense of being watched or comforted when they visit a loved one's grave.

What is the last sense to go when someone dies? ›

Research suggests that even as your body transitions into unconsciousness, it's possible that you'll still be able to feel comforting touches from your loved ones and hear them speaking. Touch and hearing are the last senses to go when we die.

What is the most common symptom seen at end of life? ›

Breathlessness and shortness of breath are also common symptoms at the end of life. Additionally, as dying patients get closer to their last day, they may experience what's known as the death rattle. Over time, mucus and fluids get trapped in your airways and lungs, causing a rattling sound when you breathe.

What is the first organ to shut down when dying? ›

The brain is the first organ to begin to break down, and other organs follow suit. Living bacteria in the body, particularly in the bowels, play a major role in this decomposition process, or putrefaction. This decay produces a very potent odor. “Even within a half hour, you can smell death in the room,” he says.

What does it mean when you dream of someone who has passed on? ›

Dreaming of dead relatives often reflects your grief after losing a loved one. The dreams can feel so real that you temporarily forget the other person is gone. While dreaming of the deceased is often positive and comforting, it can also be unsettling.

What happens if we see dead person alive in dream? ›

Seeing a dead person alive in a dream can portend a period of change in your life. This change could affect your employment, family, or relationships These alterations may also take place internally. This is a favourable indicator. It indicates that you are willing to forgive yourself and make peace with your past.

When you learn secrets about your deceased husband? ›

Secrets and other distressing information revealed following someone's death can complicate and prolong the grieving process in those left behind. Unexpected and unwanted discoveries may create feelings of anger and resentment in the surviving spouse, children, and those linked to the kept secrets.

Is it healthy to talk to someone who passed away? ›

Talking to your loved one after their death is a common experience, and many people feel that the connection goes both ways. Grief experts say these conversations can be a healthy coping tool and a source of comfort.

How do you communicate with a dying loved one? ›

When speaking with someone who is dying, it's important to follow their lead and let them be in control of the conversation. They may wish to speak about big events in their life or reminiscence about memories. During this time, keep their needs and feelings at the forefront of your thoughts.

Is it normal to talk to someone who has passed away? ›

Talking to the person who died is also a normal part of the grieving process. Like with seeing or sensing them, you may find yourself talking to them because your brain has temporarily forgotten they've died. Or, you might talk to them because you miss them and you find it comforting to speak to them out loud.

What percentage of people report feeling the presence of a deceased loved one? ›

Approximately 73% of the participants in this study reported that they felt as though a loved one who has died is looking over them at least once in a while, 48.7% indicated they felt a dead loved one was in the same room at least once in a while, 23.9% said they heard the voice of a dead loved one at least once in a ...

Is it wrong to talk to deceased loved ones? ›

Whether it's sharing our problems, reminiscing or just having a good old gossip, talking can bring us closer. So when a loved one dies, it makes sense that talking to them can bring us comfort and help us feel connected to them. If you find yourself chatting to someone who's died, you're not alone.

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