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Furniture on Ebay for BIG Profits Buy Sell Ship Freight. How my first venture into furniture how much I spent, what brand I'm buying and selling. This is a very profitable venture, but alot of work!

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Hello, hello and welcome to my channel as a lot of you may know, I have flipped my first piece of furniture and I made over 600 and I'm gonna tell you how I did it all right guys, so I'm gonna first really quick, tell you why I got into flipping furniture, so I saw somebody's 90 day total.

They were posting over on facebook.

It was over 50 thousand and ninety days, which is insane.

I said to myself: I'm gonna see what they're doing I want my numbers to be higher and I kind of stock their ebay store.

I stock their facebook postings and I saw they were selling a lot of furniture.

So I will tell you I have sold my first piece, I'm hoping by the end of this.

It will be delivered.

So I can kind of put a conclusion, but I'm not sure that it will be so my first piece of furniture, I flipped, I paid 150 for the piece and it sold for 839 dollars plus freight.

So I want to talk just really quick about the freight and all of that I'm gonna show you some clips from that.

So first things.

First, I am only picking up ethan allen.

I am sure there are name brands if you guys know some name brands that myself and others can look for.

Please drop that down in the comments below and if you haven't hit the like button, so I'm picking up ethan allen, so you're gonna have some difficulties finding it.

It's not gonna, be easy to find and in good condition.

It's really not gonna be easy to find, and then you have to find it for cheap.

So this is definitely not an easy task.

So I found these pieces.

I have added some more pieces.

You can search my ebay store.

The link is below and put in ethan allen and see which pieces I have right now.

So this particular piece I paid 150.

It was listed at 200 with another piece which is a vanity.

The one that sold is a lingerie dresser.

So it is a big item, so you can't just box that up and ship it via fedex or usps you might be able to, but I didn't have any interest in doing that.

So I used, I went on and they actually have a function where you can get an estimate, and so what I do is put in my listing that people can either come pick it up or it is available via freight, but they are responsible for paying and they needed to contact me if they wanted a quote.

So I had a couple people inquire.

They didn't follow through the third person and I will tell you like I said it did take less than a month for this piece to sell.

I looked, it is going to new york.

New york and uship will give you an estimate on the freight.

So in this case it was 292 dollars.

So I let this buyer know that I believe freight would be about 300 and if it costs more than that, I would pay.

Am I taking a chance, especially with my first furniture, flip? Yes, but I knew I had over 600 in profit, so if it costs an extra 100, even 200, I would still make almost 400.

So I put it on your ship.

I wait two days and I don't hear anything so I was freaking out a little bit.

I won't lie and I I live out in the middle of nowhere.

So I'm like do people not want to come in the middle of nowhere or what and then I'm thinking, okay, this buyer that just purchased this dresser is in new york city.

Maybe people don't want to go to new york city, so I'm having all these horrible scenarios go through my mind.

So on the third day after I placed my listing on u-ship, which includes like the dimensions of the piece and approximate weight I did just guess.

I think there are some calculators out there, where you can do a more educated guess and then you post a picture and where it's going from where it's going to- and I think most listings I see say to allow two to six weeks for free to deliver the item, so I posted it it.

Finally, got a bid for 300, which was exactly what I charged my buyer.

I will say, though, that you ship charged me a 25 fee that I didn't really figure in, so I probably should have told that buyer 350, but it's okay- we still made over 600.

So I waited because I wanted to see if people were gonna.

Give me a lower quote, and I have been told that if you put a price you're willing to pay, it makes somebody booking it faster than if you're asking for bids.

So that's something I'm gonna have to play around with a little bit.

So I got a second bid.

It was at 299 a dollar less.

This person had one feedback and it was not good and the first person that bid was matt and he had 97 positive feedback.

So I'm like okay, I'm gonna go ahead and accept this.

I charge the buyer exactly this and I did exactly that.

You had accept quote.

You do have to pay at that point and then matt had a two-week window, so he gave me a two-week window for pick-up, a two-week window for delivery.

You have to figure these guys are driving all over the country with a lot of pieces in their vehicles, so I'm gonna show you some clips of matt picking this up and how it went.

And then I am gonna tell you some pros and cons after I show you these clips all right guys.

So I booked probably four days ago- and I got a call just now and the you ship shipper says when are you open and I tell him that we sell from home so we'll be here most times and he says he'll be here an hour so right now, this is in the shipping room with the shipping supplies etc and he's going to be here in a little over an hour.

So I'm going to record this and let's see how it goes all right guys so matt is here pick up.

The dresser out he's got to get that dresser all right guys.

So matt is here.

I just asked him if we had to book through you ship, and he said we don't so once we get that connection.

We can contact him directly and have him um come and get the item rather than having to dalton's wandering around rather than having to um go through u-ship, where we both get charged a fee and then matt on average.

How long does it take you to come and like pick stuff up, usually on average um? It could be about a week to three weeks, depending on where I am and then once I pick up, it's usually around three days for delivery.

Okay, so pretty fast and then um is using, like u-ship's estimator, pretty accurate as far as fees.

In your experience, not really so mine, I will tell you said 292 and you did 300., so mine was spot on yeah um for stuff like yours, yes, but unlike the bigger pieces they tend to be, you know they would still charge the same amount as if it was this.

If it was small or big okay, all right and then you um bring it upstairs or anything extra okay could like go up depending on that.

Thank you blanket wrap everything when you come and get it to protect it.

Okay and then, if it's inside the house like we have ours on the porch, but if it's, if it's inside the house, is that something you would go in and get for them, okay, um! Then you could pick up for the buyers as well.

I know I've seen some people, they tell the buyer, they have to arrange the shipping.

So this time we did yeah.

I know a lot of people are afraid like try to stay so you know I can as long as I get a house or cash up whatever I can pay cash on spot for you for the item as well: oh okay, where you're like paying for the item when you pick it up because we send you the money.

Okay, sometimes you know, especially if the person's older they're, not gonna, want paypal or more sometimes people are a little sketchy.

Yeah only want cash, and since I'm putting this out in the video you said, I know I read you said like south down up to new york.

But where else were you saying you go as far as the people wanted to know, boston, new york, I-95 borders, all the way down to miami and then pretty much draw a line from denver to austin and everything east.

Are you on the road seven days a week, uh yeah, all right is there anything else like if people are shipping that you would tell them not be in a rush yeah, especially like in the new york area, you know sometimes you'll have a customer that he'll call you last minute and say: hey can't.

You know, I can't pick it.

You know.

I can't drop this at this time and then I get stuck until the next, because it puts you behind schedule.

Yeah, you know, okay and with 15 to 20 customers, sometimes per trip.

You can just yeah.

You guys can see he's loaded there loaded to the brim so like.

If somebody couldn't physically like get it out of the house like he's helping you, you would, would you go in with a dolly and like take it out for him? Okay, alright, all right, so I hope you enjoyed the clips and matt was nice enough to.

Let me ask him some questions on camera.

I will put matt's phone number in the description below.

So if you have a furniture piece, you need moved.

You can contact him.

So I will say there.

The pros are obvious: you're making a lot of money on one piece of furniture.

That's the biggest thing.

They also are very easy to research.

Once you can figure out um what pattern or what style of ethan allen.

It is very easy to look up, comps they're, not on ebay and I'm seeing a lot that aren't.

You can look them up on worth point which I do have a membership.

So that is convenient.

The cons furniture is heavy.

Luckily I have my husband to either go.

Do it by himself or to help me pick it up so you're gonna have to have a way to move this furniture either truck a trailer.

You're gonna have to run a u-haul.

If you're getting bigger pieces, there are smaller ones.

I picked up three on tuesday uh in my mom's car by myself with my mom, so I put a footboard and headboard in my mom's car, so you can kind of work around that only pick up like dressers or small dressers, nightstands coffee tables.

Things like that, and you could do it with a car, pretty easy, so they're, not very common and they're, not cheap.

Most people that have ethan allen know what they have so I'm running into the pieces that are nice are way too expensive for me to make a profit.

So you have to keep looking a lot and then, if you do find it lower cost, you have to make sure it's in good shape.

I have two sitting out on my carport because I kind of rushed into this, which I tend to do and they're gonna need to be refinished.

Now I did get them cheap enough.

I paid a hundred dollars per piece.

They should sell for 800 and a thousand dollars each so once we can get them refinished, then it will be okay, but I would much prefer to pick up pieces that don't need work.

So it's gonna be hard to find you're gonna be putting 100 plus dollars in it's going to be sitting there for possibly months, and you need somewhere to store it.

So those are some of the negative things that I'm seeing from this.

I can't go pick up 50 pieces for one.

I can't find them for two.

I don't want to put out that much money and for three I don't have that much storage, even though I do have a lot.

So I think that's pretty much it matt picking it up was super easy.

We didn't really have to do anything, so I wouldn't be scared of the freight and yeah.

I think that's pretty much it.

You find the pieces find what they sell for and kind of have to decide.

I'm still going in at like 10 to 20 percent of what I think I will get.

I don't want to pay higher and it is a very, very high profit return.

This could be very, very lucrative, but you're gonna have to search to find the pieces.

You're gonna need the manpower to move it or women, power and you're gonna need space and patience for it to sell.

It might be the only one on ebay, but you have to wait for that right, buyer to come along that wants to purchase it.

So I picked up three more pieces.

As I said on monday, I am gonna show you some footage of the neighborhood I picked it up in.

It was incredible and then I'll pop some screenshots up of those pieces.

I will tell you I paid 25 for the small mirror I paid 30 for the large and I paid 75 for the headboard and footboard.

So I'll show you guys those I will update you if the buyer has received it by the time this video comes out and as I sell more pieces, I will give you guys more information.

I hope this is helpful.

If you have questions, ask me- and hopefully I can answer- if not maybe somebody watching can- and I will see you guys on the next one bye do do you.


Can I use uShip on eBay? ›

As a long-time eBay partner, uShip has helped countless users seal the deal with upfront rates and an experienced network of car and motorcycle haulers.

How do I sell large heavy items on eBay? ›

The best way to ship large items on eBay is to open a business shipping account with FedEx or UPS and ship the item directly on the carrier's site. You can then upload the tracking manually to eBay. If the item is too large to be shipped in a box, shipping via freight (on a pallet) can be a cost-effective option.

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Can you make a living off uShip? ›

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Quality Assurance (QA) EngineerRange:$48k - $88k (Estimated *)Average:$65,922
ScrumMasterRange:$57k - $107k (Estimated *)Average:$79,084
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ManagerRange:$50k - $94k (Estimated *)Average:$69,272
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May 31, 2023

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  2. In Seller Hub: Go to the Overview tab. ...
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  2. Next to Services, select Calculate Shipping.
  3. In Package details in the Shipping Calculator, enter your package type, dimensions, and weight.

How quickly should eBay sellers ship? ›

Buyers want their purchases to arrive quickly so we recommend setting a dispatch time of no more than 2 days. Shorter dispatch times are always better if you can reliably meet them. If you offer 1-day handling, remember the time frame isn't based on 24 hours: it's the end of the next business day.

What is the best shipping method for expensive items? ›

Registered Mail is the safest way to send and insure your valuable item. Request Registered Mail at your local post office to receive a proof of mailing and the date and time of each attempted delivery. Registered Mail also allows you to insure your item to up to $50,000.

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Sellers must not take a slower shipping service than the one chosen by their buyers. Offering additional fees on shipping when sellers have accepted the free shipping is a large Don't on eBay.

How do I change shipping to freight on eBay? ›

Go to the Shipping section. Select an existing policy from the Shipping policy dropdown or select the three dot menu to create a new shipping policy or edit an existing one.

How do I add uShip to my eBay listing? ›

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What payment methods does uShip accept? ›

Accepted Payment Methods
  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Discover (select countries)
  • American Express (select countries)
  • Visa Elektron (Spain)
  • CarteBleue (France)

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