The Ultimate Guide to Unbeatable E-Bike Deals in November (2023)


In the realm of electric biking, November emerges as the golden gateway to unprecedented discounts, and 2023 is no exception. The confluence of market dynamics has ushered in an era of colossal price slashes, making this month an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts to seize their dream e-bikes at jaw-dropping prices.

Industry Pressure Unleashes Unprecedented Discounts

The electric bike industry, having experienced a boom during the peaks of the COVID-19 pandemic, is facing unique challenges in 2023. Sales, once soaring, have tapered off, leaving manufacturers with an excess of e-bikes eager to find new homes. This industry-wide pressure translates into a boon for consumers, with some of the most coveted e-bikes available at their most enticing prices ever.

Rad Power Bikes: A Game-Changer

Leading the charge in this e-bike extravaganza is Rad Power Bikes, with a sitewide sale that defies convention. Every model in their lineup boasts price reductions, ranging from modest discounts to staggering markdowns. The RadTrike, a flagship model, stands out with an almost 50% reduction, while the RadRover 6 Plus hits an unprecedented low of $1,399, surpassing pre-pandemic prices.

Lectric Ebikes: Setting a New Standard

Not to be outdone, Lectric Ebikes raises the stakes with compelling sales on their best-selling electric bike, the XP 3.0. Priced at $999, this e-bike now includes over $300 worth of extra add-ons, delivering unbeatable value. The XP Lite, the most affordable in their arsenal, takes the affordability game a notch lower at just $749, coupled with nearly $200 in free add-on accessories.

Juiced Bikes and Ride1Up: San Diego's Finest

San Diego-based e-bike makers, Juiced Bikes and Ride1Up, contribute to the November spectacle with substantial discounts. Juiced Bikes trims up to $700 off select models, while Ride1Up presents savings of up to $400 on their popular models, including the budget-friendly Portola and the sleek Roadster V2, both priced below $1,000.

Priority Bicycles: From New York with Love

Priority Bicycles, hailing from New York, entices riders with major sales on electric and non-electric models. This allows riders the freedom to choose between a vigorous pedaling experience or an effortless ride, all while enjoying significant savings.

Velotric: Unparalleled Technology and Discounts

Velotric emerges as a formidable contender in the e-bike arena, offering models equipped with UL-listed batteries and cutting-edge technology. With discounts of up to $600, their e-bikes present an irresistible combination of performance and affordability. The Velotric Packer, showcased as an SUV on two wheels, exemplifies the brand's commitment to excellence.

Aventon: California's Finest Deals

California-based Aventon joins the November festivities with discounts of up to $600 on their electric bikes. The Soltera.2, a standout commuter e-bike, not only impresses with its performance but also with a price tag below $1,000, making it a must-have for urban commuters.

CARBO: Lightweight Folding E-Bikes

For those in search of lighter folding e-bikes, CARBO steps into the spotlight, claiming the title of the world's lightest folding e-bikes. North American customers can enjoy discounts of up to $900, combining portability with affordability.

Ampler's European E-Bike Elegance

Expanding the horizon to Europe, Ampler unveils Black Friday sales, slashing prices by up to €1,000 on their stealthy e-bikes. With a commitment to high-quality rides that seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of traditional bikes, Ampler brings a touch of elegance to the e-bike market.

Electric Scooters: A Thriving Market

The surge of discounts extends beyond e-bikes to electric scooters, with companies like Fluidfreeride offering sales on over a dozen models, some with savings surpassing $1,000. Apollo Scooters, a Canadian company, joins the fray with discounts of up to 40%, presenting a compelling case for those seeking an alternative to traditional commuting.

Conclusion: Seize the Moment

As the e-bike and electric scooter industry experiences an unprecedented wave of discounts, November emerges as the opportune moment for enthusiasts to make their move. Whether you're eyeing a powerful e-bike or a sleek electric scooter, the plethora of discounts on offer makes this month the best time ever to embrace the future of personal transportation. Don't miss out on the chance to redefine your ride.

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